The Best for Snow Removal

Until we chose Roberts Home Repairs for snow removal, we thought all snow removal companies were either unprofessional or unreliable. After being repeat year-over-year customer of Roberts Home Repair we now have no worries! Their service is prompt, timely, professional, efficient and complete. Their pricing is fair and they are responsive and thorough.

Our driveway is about 1/4 mile long with a slight curve and an uphill grade. In the past we experienced other snow removal services that simply did not deliver. Some were downright terrible. Often they did not show up at all! When they did come, they only made one pass up and down the driveway and did not clear it completely. They piled the snow wherever it was convenient. They certainly did not take the time to shovel around the garage doors and clear the front walk. On two separate occasions we had noteworthy damage done – one time destroying the landscaping in the front yard and another time taking out a section of our three-rail fence. When the snow melted we found beer cans along the driveway and we don’t drink!

We were understandably leery when a friend recommended Roberts Home Repairs. Our first interaction with them was by phone when we asked them about their services. Mary Roberts was pleasant, clear, and efficient in answering our questions. We liked the fact that they were a family owned and operated local business. Mary sent over a contract that explained what we could expect, the costs involved, and allowed us to specify the snow depth to invoke requested service. We were delighted and relieved after that first service experience – the driveway, garage doors, and front walk were cleared properly and professionally, the service was timely, and there was no damage to our property! That “iced” it for us – we became loyal and grateful customers of Roberts Home Repair snow removal service. They’ve done such a fine job for us that if we ever need some of the other home services they offer in the future, we intend to give them a call.