Leslie Bowers sends a Hallelujah to a couple of people who have lightened her load: “I recently hired Vern Roberts, Roberst Home & Repair, 303-688-1434, who recused me form handyman nightmares.

I had a door that leaked so much air I thought the north wind was a hurricane and a kitchen faucet that leaked like a sieve. I had a broken doorbell, and when I mentioned a grinding noise in my steering wheel, Vern checked and filled all the fluids in both my cars.

He then changed three light bulbs I couldn’t reach, and romping through the snow, he stacked my patio furniture from the deck. Wow! isn’t enough to say. All of these tasks were performed in a record time and were perfectly completed. Vern and his helper were neat, courteous, and the cost was so reasonable.


Many, many gold stars for him and his wife Mary who arranges his appointments.