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Testimonials / Reviews

Greg in Castle Pines Village
Castle Pines, CO 80108

We have used Roberts Home Repair on several occasions. Most recently, we looked to Roberts to complete a number of repairs and renovations on our home that included interior and exterior painting, cabinet, hardwood floor and other woodwork refinishing, electrical and plumbing work, and remodeling of one our rooms. As always, we couldn't be happier with their services. They coordinated the work and managed the schedule. Everyone communicated with us every step of the way, workers were always on time, courteous and the work sites were cleaned at the end of every day. Their pricing is very competitive and estimates were accurate. We will continue to use Roberts Home Repair for our needs and strongly recommend them to anyone who needs work done on their home. Thank you so much
Grateful customers in Sedalia, CO

Until we chose Roberts Home Repairs for snow removal, we thought all snow removal companies were either unprofessional or unreliable. After being repeat year-over-year customer of Roberts Home Repair we now have no worries! Their service is prompt, timely, professional, efficient and complete. Their pricing is fair and they are responsive and thorough.

Our driveway is about 1/4 mile long with a slight curve and an uphill grade. In the past we experienced other snow removal services that simply did not deliver. Some were downright terrible. Often they did not show up at all! When they did come, they only made one pass up and down the driveway and did not clear it completely. They piled the snow wherever it was convenient. They certainly did not take the time to shovel around the garage doors and clear the front walk. On two separate occasions we had noteworthy damage done – one time destroying the landscaping in the front yard and another time taking out a section of our three-rail fence. When the snow melted we found beer cans along the driveway and we don’t drink!

We were understandably leery when a friend recommended Roberts Home Repairs. Our first interaction with them was by phone when we asked them about their services. Mary Roberts was pleasant, clear, and efficient in answering our questions. We liked the fact that they were a family owned and operated local business. Mary sent over a contract that explained what we could expect, the costs involved, and allowed us to specify the snow depth to invoke requested service. We were delighted and relieved after that first service experience – the driveway, garage doors, and front walk were cleared properly and professionally, the service was timely, and there was no damage to our property! That “iced” it for us – we became loyal and grateful customers of Roberts Home Repair snow removal service. They’ve done such a fine job for us that if we ever need some of the other home services they offer in the future, we intend to give them a call.
Leslie Bowers

Leslie Bowers sends a Hallelugah to a couple of people who have lightened her load: "I recently hired Vern Roberts, Roberst Home & Repair, 303-688-1434, who recused me form handyman nightmares. I had a door that leaked so much air I thought the north wind was a hurricane and a kitchen faucet that leaked like a sieve. I had a broken doorbell, and when I mentioned a grinding noise in my steering wheel, Vern checked and filled all the fluids in both my cars. He then changed three light bulbs I couldn't reach, and romping through the snow, he stacked my patio furniture from the deck. Wow! isn't enough to say. All of these tasks were performed in a record time and were perfectly completed. Vern and his helper were neat, courteous, and the cost was so reasonable. Many, many gold stars for him and his wife Mary who arranges his appointments.
Christine Walters

I had some drywall and painting damage that needed to be repaired due to a water leak. They were great ... they showed up on-time, called when they had questions, cleaned up (a big thing as my previous handyman was quite messy) and called when the job was completed.
Kim Dority
Centennial, CO 80112

Bathroom mold remediation and some remodeling; door removal, reframe, and paint; installation of bathroom ceiling heater; various other carpentry and handyman projects. I purchased a home built in the '70s, and it needed a bit of remedial work. I made a list for the Roberts team, we confirmed the work necessary for each project, and then they gave me a cost and time estimate. Both were adhered to, as has always been the case any time I have had Roberts Home Repair do work for me (have worked with them for nearly ten years). All members of the team are courteous, professional, and highly reliable, and they simply do great work.
Jason Pokrzywinski
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

I had a large mirror removed from my bathroom and resulting drywall repair.  I also had two bathroom lights moved and resulting drywall repair.  New lights were also installed. The work done was great, of very high quality.  It was done in a reasonably timely fashion.  The tech was very knowledgable.   I will definitely use them again.
Ghislaine Griswold

Outside pipes froze and broke, flooded basement. Verne came out within a couple of days, fixed pipe, also rented a fan to dry out basement.
Jennifer Andrews
PARKER, CO 80138

There was water damage to the framiing around my glass block shower. I am a little handy and tried to tear into it and see what needed to be done. As it was a little unique I felt it was something I lacked the tools and experience to repair. Roberts' sent Ray out to take a look, he immediately recognized the type of construction used (it's a 30 year old house) and proposed a solution. The final finish was decided to be 1-inch mosaic tile, which he installed also. Ray was prompt, knowledgable and very helpful. He completed the repair and the tile installation in the expected time and offered to come back if any of the little tiles were loose --he said it's hard to get them all to stick. But they were all good, I grouted the tile and it looks great.
Nicole Kelsch
Castle Rock, CO 80104

Installed dog door into door from house to garage perfect. On time, efficient and cleaned up mess.
Mark Baumgartel

Fence repair and replaced back section of 80 linear feet with new wood material. Roberts Home & Repair sent two men who worked steadily and repaired and rebuilt the fence with excellence. They finished on time and below the estimated cost.
Gail Schoettler
Parker, CO 80134

They worked at both a rental house we own and our home, putting weatherstripping around doors, fixing an electric garage door that didn't work, replacing light fixtures and light switches, replacing a storm door, reattaching some veneer that was coming off a bookcase. Roberts was very responsive and sent handymen out to both properties right away. Dave did a thorough job of estimating the cost and they stuck to those estimates. I've had problems with several of the doors that had new weatherstripping put on them and also with the garage door they fixed, but they sent someone out right away to redo the work.
Greg Shim
Castle Rock, CO

I'm a DIY kind of guy and have done lots work on my house, but there are some things that are best left to the experts. Robert's Home Repair is definitely an expert in my book! My kitchen looks amazing - not only was the work done quickly, it was way better than what I could have done - and I'm no slacker!!! Vern and Mary are the first people that come to mind when anyone asks about big jobs around the house. Thank you, thank you, thank you!You guys are the best!
Carol Enderlin

Vern from Roberts Home & Repair has completed replacing a leaking Sprinkler part in the Sprinkler box that was getting inside the basement he checked all the Sprinklers and Sprayed the basement with some kind of mold prevention. Excellent Customer service. We highly recommend them. Great Prices and Service.
Greg and Samhee Shim

Dear Mary and Vern, I can't tell you how much I appreciate everything you've done for us - it's been so incredibly stressful getting ready to sell our first house and every detail that was on the inspection notice was done quickly and more importantly, beautifully! I'll make sure to give the new buyers your card - it's a great safety net to have someone you can trust to do a job well done. Thanks again!
Sincerely Yours,

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